grundfos pumps miami

De Ruiter Electric Motor Company offers Grundfos products, service and repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Caribbean.

Grundfos is one of the world’s biggest and most well respected manufacturers of water pumps. They produce more than sixteen million pumps each year and employ over 16,000 people around the world.

Grundfos specializes in providing pumps for all applications. Whether your business or residence needs circulating pumps, booster pumps, end suction pumps, dosing pumps, immersible pumps, or sewage pumps, Grundfos pumps has the equipment for the job.

Not only does Grundfos manufacture high quality pumps for every possible application, but, as a company, they think responsibly when it comes to the environment. At Grundfos pumps, environmental issues are not a secondary concern, but the environmental impact of their products and solutions is woven into their business model. Having fulfilled all of the requirements for the environmental ISO 14001 certification, they ensure that their pumps are designed to be re-used and recycled.

Grundfos takes pride in looking to the future, as a leading innovator in water pump technology. Grundfos circulating pumps and wastewater pumps have integrated sensors to measure all operation parameters. They, also, provide an excellent service contract for their customers. As part of their commitment to provide innovative products, Grundfos provides continuing education and training to all of their employees.

Grundfos was one of the first companies to introduce pumps with Energy Labelling. They manufacture their pumps with materials designed to protect them against corrosion. They provide excellent and prompt online support for their customers, proving that they are a leading manufacturer in the water pump market.

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