North American Electric, Inc.

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De Ruiter Electric Motor Company offers North American Electric products, service and repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Caribbean.

North American Electric, Inc., established in 1993 by David E. Hackman and Donald E. Hackman, Sr., is a supplier of AC electric motors for both general purpose and special purpose. As a wholesale supplier, they pride themselves on providing their customers with high quality, high performance products offered at very competitive prices.

As a distributor of wholesale electric motors, North American Electric, Inc. focuses on finding the best quality motors from manufacturers the world over and providing them to professionals throughout the United States. In order to provide their customers with an entire package when it comes to an electric motor, they began to source motor controls while also assembling the packaged control panels.

Because North American Electric motors distribution is nationwide, they offer excellent local support for anyone who has one of their electric motors. This means that they can provide technical, logistical, and maintenance support while also providing customer service that is fast and friendly.

North American Electric motors is dedicated to always work at improving customer satisfaction to levels never before attained. As such, they are innovators when it comes to improving the information technology that gives their customers access to any and all relevant product information. This information technology is the foundation of their stellar customer support and customer satisfaction.

North American Electric, Inc. sources only those motors they believe are the highest quality, and they only source from manufacturers they believe meet the highest standards in their respective industries, with certifications like ISO9001, UL, CE, and CSA.

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