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De Ruiter Electric Motor Company offers Franklin Electric products, service and repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Caribbean. We are a Franklin Electric / Franklin Engineering product Distributor and International Export representative.

Franklin Electric pumps began making basic motors, introduced the first reliable, water-lubricated submersible electric motor, and now provides a wide range of water transfer products including Franklin Electric well pumps.

The company lists the following guiding principles at Franklin Electric:

  • Having the most widely available products possible, no matter what you water project you are working on or your plans for this project.
  • Making sure that all of their products are of the highest quality, no matter when they were made or their original application.
  • Interacting with customers and providing the best available customer service experience for anyone and everyone working toward water-related technology goals.
  • By taking the time to envision future technological trends and producing innovated products for their customers.
  • By guaranteeing that value is at the center of all they are doing, no matter the scope of a project or how much it may cost.

Franklin motor company produces and services submersible pumps and surface pumps for residential, light commercial, agriculture, municipal markets. Other products include motors and controls, drives and protection, and packaged systems for the mining, solar, and the Franklin Electric submersible pump for lake and pond management markets.

Take a look at all of the Franklin Electric products that we currently have available.

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Wastewater Pumps

Non-Clog Pumps

3NC Series
4NC Series

Grinder Pumps

IGP-M Series
IGP-A Series
IGP Series Retro Fit Kits
IGPH-M Series
IGPH-A Series
IGPDS-M Series
IGPDS-A Series

Package Systems

PowerSewer Systems
FPS Simplex and Duplex Hard Piped Grinder Packages
Custom Non-Clog Packages
Simplex Fiberglass Grinder Package
Duplex Fiberglass Grinder Package


Simplex Non-Clog Control Panels
Duplex Non-Clog Control Panels
Grinder Control Panel
Simplex Dual Seal Grinder Control Panel
Duplex Dual Seal Grinder Control Panel


IGP Series Control Floats
IGP Series Junction Box
IGP Series Capacitor Kits
IGP Series Leg Kit

Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump Brand Page

Cleanwater Pumps

Submersible Motors

MagForce High Efficiency Motor System


I Series
AG Series
D Series
DDS Series
FCE Series
A Series
S Series
FAC Series
FBC Series

Self-Priming – Electric Driven

Turf Boss (1 – 2 HP)
Turf Boss (3 – 5 HP)
FBSE-S Series (1/2 – 3 HP)
FBSEF Series (1.5 – 7.5 HP)

Gas Engine Driven

FACGF Series
FBSGF Series
FNSGF Series
FMIG Series

Booster Pumps

Vertical Multistage

1VR Series
3VR Series
6VR Series
10VR Series
15VR Series
20VR Series
30VR Series
45VR Series
65VR Series
95VR Series

Horizontal Multistage

MH Series
BT4 Series
BT4 Series 56C Pump Ends

Booster Systems

Inline 1100 SpecPAK
Inline 1100 Constant Pressure System
Inline 400

Franklin Control Systems

FCS Site