mccrometer flow meter miami

De Ruiter Electric Motor Company offers McCrometer products, service and repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Caribbean.

McCrometer, a world leader in flow instrumentation, specializes in the manufacture, testing, and design of flow metering solutions. For over sixty years, engineers around the world have chosen McCrometer’s flow meters. Customers, worldwide, trust McCrometer flow meter researchers, engineers and designers for their brilliance in real-world operating dynamics and flow physics.

A McCrometer flow meter can have different applications for many different steam, liquid, and gas measurement applications in multiple industries.

In 1955, some engineers looking for, but unable to find the right flow meter for an irrigation system they were working on, developed their own solution which became the foundation for their new company, McCrometer. McCrometer takes pride in having solution-oriented approach to the development of all their products available for a range of applications. They work with their customers, on a case-by-case basis, to find the right solution for their individual needs.

Based in Hemet, CA, McCrometer flow meter instrumentation products are used regularly in the demanding industries of electric power, HVAC, food, chemical, irrigation, municipal water and municipal waste water, and oil and gas.

Among McCrometer products is their McPropeller Flow Meter, featuring a propeller flow sensing design that has been championed for its value and ease of use. Another product, the FPI Mag Flow Meter, has been praised for its accuracy in applications with varying flow rates. The Mc Mag3000 Flow Meter, giving irrigators and growers an alternative way to measure flow as well as a guaranteed battery life of up to five years, has also won awards.

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