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De Ruiter Electric Motor Company offers Myers products, service and repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Caribbean.

Founded in Ashland, Ohio by Philip Myers and Francis Myers in 1870, Myers pumps knows all about longevity when it comes to providing excellent products to their customers. The Myers brothers were the first to manufacture and engineer a double-acting hand pump that could provide water on either the up or the down strokes.

Since those early days, the Myers pump line has grown and evolved, keeping up with the times while also innovating within their industry in order to provide customers with top of the line products including Myers sump pump and Myers well pumps.

In 1960, the Myers family sold the company to the McNeil Corporation, operating out of Akron, Ohio. The Myers brand continued to provide innovative solutions for farmers and irrigators around the globe. In 1986, Pentair, Inc., a company out of St. Paul, Minnesota, purchased the company. Since then, the Myers brand has remained a valued asset of Pentair’s water products group, worth 3 billion dollars today.

The Aplex product line, one of the most popular series of the Myers brand, was placed on the Myers pumps industrial line in 1996. This line of pumps is not new, however, as it does date back to its use in the oilfield pump industry in the 1960s. The Aplex line of pumps continues to be respected as one of the best in a number of industries: directional drilling, oil and gas, water treatment, steel mills, sewer cleaning, and other industries that similarly require demanding—even dangerous—applications. Aplex is considered to have one of the most user-friendly designs on the market.

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