What to Do if Irrigation Pump Runs, But No Water Flows

When your sprinkler system is not working correctly, you can troubleshoot some of the causes.

Your irrigation system is what makes your lawn look its best, especially in the brutal sun of South Florida. What happens if it is not pushing out water as well as the day that it was first installed? Here are some troubleshooting points to check on your own.

Irrigation Pump is Not Primed

To prime your sprinkler pump means that you are using water to push air out of pump. When you first had the irrigation system installed, the centrifugal pump was primed. Some pumps are self-priming, so that takes that step out of your process. However, when the pump has not been in use for an extended period of time, air can gradually get back into the pump and reduce the amount of pressure that the pump otherwise creates. If you try to run the irrigation pump without water or with too much air, you can cause the motor to burn out.

Irrigation Pump Has Leaks in the Suction Pipe

Your pump has a suction pipe. If it is not air tight at the joints or connection points, it can impact the pressure of your system. You can locate the leaks by wrapping sections off with plastic wrap and testing the water pressure.

Irrigation Pump Has Too Much Restriction in the Suction Pipe

The proper amount of flow makes a pump work well. There cannot be restrictions in the suction pipe such as a pipe that is narrower than the suction port or a long pipe. Another restriction can be the result of too many elbows in the pipe. Proper installation would have prevented this from occurring.

Irrigation Pump Motor is Running on the Wrong Voltage

Your irrigation pump will run its best when it is set to the correct voltage. There is a base voltage for your motor, which can be found in your owner’s manual. You can reset your pump so that it is set to the correct voltage. Wiring to the motor and the pressure switch can also affect the voltage. Sometimes they may get loose or are in need of repair.

There can be a number of reasons why your irrigation pump is not working to its fullest potential. Some of these troubleshooting tips are some ways that you as a homeowner can find or solve the problem on your own. If you cannot find the problem, you may prefer that a professional identify and service the pump. Contact us at De Ruiter Electric Motor Company so that you can get your irrigation system working at peak performance levels.

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